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We provide help when musicians need it most.

Thanks to generous contributions from individuals, foundations, companies, and government programs, Musicians Foundation has provided thousands of musicians with life-changing aid since 1914.



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Profiles in gratitude

The following testimonials have been volunteered by musicians who have received aid grants from the Foundation. Their stories tell of passionate careers and creative endeavors that were interrupted by illness, accidents, family tragedies, and housing crises. We are grateful to them for sharing their stories.

Andrey Nemzer

“Musicians Foundation was like a ray of light during those days, since I was emotionally devastated but had to hold myself together to be able to sing at the Met. I’m very thankful to the Musicians Foundation... and the great help they give to those who really need it.”
Andrey Nemzer, Countertenor

Denise LaSalle

“I express my heartfelt gratitude for your help with my mortgage during a time of need. My family and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”
Denise LaSalle, Singer, Songwriter, & Record Producer

Kate Light

“Even almost a lifetime of work as a musician or performing artist... does not guarantee security, and certainly, in my case and many others’, trying to sustain an expensive healthcare commitment... is extremely stressful... Your help came at just the right time.”
Kate Light, Violinist

Eduardo Del Signore

“On November 20, 2017, I was verbally and physically attacked by an individual who came into my house... I wasn’t able to perform an instrument for several months and had to ask for help... in situations like this, the existence of Musicians Foundation becomes of crucial importance to help the artist move forward in life.”
Eduardo Del Signore, Bass Player, Producer, & Composer

Jimmy Scott

“With all the records, I never saw any royalties. We couldn’t make our monthly mortgage payment and would have been homeless. The help we got from Musicians Foundation was a sheer blessing.”
Jimmy Scott, Vocalist

Your contribution directly impacts the future of music by covering essential bills for musicians in need.