We operate with diligence and understanding.

An accessible, efficient application process and streamlined administrative system ensures that every dollar we raise — and give — makes an impact.

The Application Process

Our application for one-time financial assistance grants is open to professional musicians across all genres.



Applicants must be a professional music performer, composer/songwriter, or educator in a specific time of need (medical crisis, crime victimization, catastrophic events, etc.). To apply, candidates complete a comprehensive two-part application and submit tax statements demonstrating that their principal income is derived from work as a musician. See more details about applying for a grant.



Submitted applications are reviewed by Musicians Foundation staff and a screening committee, and, if eligible, applicants can receive assistance in as little as one or two weeks. Our staff is available to answer questions from applicants via phone or email.



If awarded a grant, a check made out to the biller (doctors, hospitals, landlords and management companies, utility providers, and others) is mailed to approved applicants. This process allows for musicians to pay bills quickly and with dignity.

A Singular Focus

Giving musicians grants they need in times of hardship is all that we do.

Our lean administration is financed through an endowment: Every dollar raised through annual appeal gifts, online donations, proceeds from benefits, matching gifts, etc., goes to musicians in need. Funds are raised through bequests, benefits, and other events, as well as generous individual and recurring donations.

Our one-time assistance grants typically fall in the range of $500 to $3,000 to ensure we are able to meaningfully help as many musicians as possible during periods of unexpected hardship. We also often partner with a variety of other like-minded aid organizations to further meet applicants' needs.

We Need Your Help

Without help from donors, many musicians we reach must wait for assistance. Your contribution directly impacts the future of music by covering musicians' essential bills.