Lisa Megeaski

LISA MEGEASKI is the current President of Musicians Foundation. She joined the Board in 2010,
having been attracted to MF’s mission and long history of assisting musicians in need. Lisa is a
financial and risk management professional, with global experience leading risk and credit functions.
Lisa most recently led NYU’s enterprise risk management function and earlier was a director in the
risk and strategy practice at Promontory Financial. Previously, she served in senior credit positions
at AIG and ABN AMRO Bank.

Lisa holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Montreal’s McGill University, from which she
graduated as a University Scholar, and a Masters of Business Administration from York
University in Toronto. She is also on the Board of the Friends of McGill.

In addition to the arts, in general, and music, in particular, Lisa is passionate about international
travel and the opportunities it affords to meet new people and participate in their cultures.

Lisa is honored to be leading MF at this time and preparing the organization for its next century
of service.