Musicians Foundation is formed to foster the interests and advance the condition and social welfare of professional musicians and to provide voluntary aid and assistance to professional musicians and their families in case of need. (Est. 1914)

Our Purpose

In today’s volatile professional climate, many musicians experience greater financial risk than ever before. Musicians Foundation provides aid that enables performers, educators, composers, and arrangers to continue pursuing their artistic process and vision. As the oldest non-profit of its kind in the United States, Musicians Foundation is dedicated to assisting musicians, and their families, in times of emergency, crisis, or transition. Our goal is to relieve the financial burdens of musicians who qualify according to the Foundation’s criteria.

Musicians Foundation has helped sustain the creative life of thousands of musicians throughout the United States since 1914. The organization’s more-than-100-year reputation speaks for itself—a longevity supported by generations of individual and corporate donors, carefully planned fundraising events, targeted outreach, and the maintenance of fruitful collaborations with like-minded groups.

We Help All Musicians

We stand firmly with Black performers, educators, and composers working in all musical genres. To us, music is a sacred, artistic, and uniquely human expression, and the discrimination arising from systematic racism serves only to limit and oppress that expressive ability. The tremendous impact of Black musicians is an undeniable feat and a testament to their artistry and strength. Musicians Foundation has been assisting musicians and their families in need since 1914. As we continue to expand our presence, services, and mission during these challenging times, we welcome feedback as to how we can better reach musicians in all our communities of color.

We recognize the substantial cultural impact of Hispanic / Latino / Latinx, Asian American, Pacific Islander, and American Indian, and LGBTQ+ artists on the nation’s musical tradition. We are sensitive to the ways specific groups of performers, composers, and educators have been historically disenfranchised and marginalized in this country.

Our application and grants are available to musicians of all backgrounds and identities who live and work in the United States.

Musicians Foundation’s Century of Giving, a comprehensive analysis of financial aid granted to musicians and their families, details the rich history of support given since 1914.