Our Process

A Process of Diligence and Understanding

A rigorous selection process and streamlined administrative system ensures that every dollar we raise makes an impact.

  • A comprehensive, two-part application requires candidates to have worked as professional musicians in the United States for at least five years.
  • Applicants must submit tax statements demonstrating that their principal income is derived from work as musicians.
  • An expert screening committee reviews all proposed grantees to confirm the validity of each individual application.
  • Funding is given in the form of direct payment to vendors such as medical practices, housing authorities, instrument retailers and health insurance companies to maximize efficiency.
  • Support includes one-time assistance for periods of serious need: medical crisis, crime victimization, catastrophic events, etc.
  • Typical grants fall in the range of $500-$3000 to ensure we are able to meaningfully help as many musicians as possible. We also often partner with a variety of other aid organizations to meet as much of our applicants’ needs as possible.
  • Our lean administration is financed through an endowment. Every dollar raised through annual appeal gifts, online donations, proceeds from benefits, matching gifts, etc., goes toward changing a musician’s life.

Interested in applying for an aid grant? More information HERE.