“Through These Times,” a song by Con Fullam, was written to bring attention to the current, difficult situation for professional musicians. Following closures of all venues and recording studios due to COVID-19, musicians lost all their work and many had no safety net. Musicians Foundation established its CV19 Emergency Relief Aid Grant Program to provide fast, direct financial assistance to professional performers, educators, and composers. Since mid-March 2020, the Foundation has sent nearly 1,500 grants to musicians across all genres throughout the United States. To make a contribution after hearing “Through These Times,” please visit https://www.musiciansfoundation.org/through-these-times/ and follow the donation instructions at the bottom of the page.

I wrote this song because I have many close friends and fellow musicians who are suffering financially from this pandemic and, like all of the artists who donated their talents to this project, I hope to encourage folks to make a contribution to keep the music alive. Anything you can give is immensely appreciated. With gratitude, Con Fullam