In an effort to stay transparent and keep musicians informed about our process, here is some information about our traditional grant, which just reopened for new applications.

To qualify, you must:
  1. Have earned the majority of your income for five or more years of professional experience as a performer, composer/arranger, or music educator.
  2. Have filed federal taxes during those five years (at the minimum). In our application, you must upload a copy of a recent tax return.
  3. Be applying for a reason beyond loss of work or unemployment. Our traditional grant is not a COVID-19 assistance program. To be eligible, you must be applying for a reason other than having lost or cancelled work. Typically, this means you or a family member has an expensive medical or dental bill, are facing eviction, have been impacted by a natural disaster, or have some other unexpected hardship (not unemployment).
Our traditional grants help pay rent and mortgages, medical and dental bills, and other essentials. All eligible musicians who apply and qualify receive assistance. There is no competition for our aid grants. Grants are sent in the form of vendorized checks, made out directly to the biller. For example – if you are applying to get help paying a medical bill for shoulder surgery, the grant (check) would be made out the the doctor or hospital. Our grants typically range from $500-$3000, depending on the situational need and our budgetary capabilities. We do not provide grants for travel, recording or production, or education / scholarships. If you received a CV19 Emergency Grant from Musicians Foundation in the past year, you can still receive a traditional grant, if eligible.
We are here for musicians, so please email, or call 212-239-9138 with any questions!