Freedy W.

I am writing to thank the Musicians Foundation from the bottom my heart for its financial help.

My teeth being in a very serious state, had come to the point where something had to be done! Being a singer, if at all possible, I wanted to save my natural teeth which are needed for enunciation, not to mention my appearance and more.

After my assessment and diagnoses from 3 different dentists, the one thing that rang true from all of them was; “This is going to be extremely expensive!”

I became very distraught and depressed worrying about how I was ever going to pay for this much needed treatment that I could not afford.

The Musicians Foundation came to my rescue with financial assistance! They were most helpful and because of what I have received from them, I am happy to report that I’m on my way to dental wellness!

Thank you so much Musicians Foundation for helping me in my time of need! You can’t know how much this has meant and will mean going forward. Thank you for the large part you are playing in helping me to get me my smile back!

Bravo to an outstanding foundation and all that you do!

Freedy W.

Musicians Foundation Grant Recipient