Get Involved

You Keep The Music Playing

The Musicians Foundation has always drawn on the talents of people who love music to raise funds for musicians who have fallen on hard times. The time and resources you devote to the Musicians Foundation will help artists like Brooks Kerr, Duke Ellington’s musical heir, and Brett Umlauf, a young soprano bringing opera to new audiences.

Here are ways you can help:

Host a Dinner or Concert

Offer your home or favorite performance space and invite your friends to an evening of music that contributes to the greater good. We can help you design an event.

Give a Benefit Concert

Play your heart out to alleviate the suffering of fellow musicians.

Donate Royalties

Usage-based payments to music writers and composers can offer significant support to other artists in need.

Tell Your Story

If you have experienced or witnessed the transformative power of a Musicians Foundation grant, please contact us to share your story.

Donate Your Professional Expertise

Whether you are a social worker, a lawyer, a composer, a marketing specialist, a doctor or an instrument repairer, your skills can be put to good use on a committee at the Musicians Foundation.

Support Musicians

For more information, contact: B.C. Vermeersch, Executive Director at 212.239.9137 or