Facts at a Glance

Facts About the Musicians Foundation

  • The Musicians Foundation was incorporated in 1914 by The Bohemians, a prestigious New York-based musicians club known for popularizing chamber music.
  • The Musicians Foundation is the country’s oldest non-profit providing relief to musicians in need.
  • Pablo Casals, Max Liebling, and Jan Paderewski played at one of the first benefit concerts for the Musicians Foundation more than a century ago. Jascha Heifitz, Yo-Yo Ma, and Isaac Stern have also performed on behalf of the foundation.
  • The foundation has its roots in helping classical musicians, but today grants financial assistance to seasoned musicians of every genre across the United States.
  • With the exception of gifts to the endowment, 100% of donations given to the Musicians Foundation go directly toward helping musicians.

Statistics on Musicians

  • The aggregate total income of a professional musician is $55, 561, according to a survey published by the Future of Music Project in 2012. This number includes additional income from non-musical jobs. The aggregate musical income of a professional musician is $34,455 per year.
  • Sound recordings make up an average of 6% of musical artists’ income, according to the Future of Music.
  • Live performance makes up an average of 28% of musical artists’ income, according to the Future of Music.
  • On a 99-cent download, a typical artist may earn 7 to 10 cents, according to The New York Times.