Nathan Carterette Presents – Poets of the Piano: Beethoven

Music is something we carry with us wherever we go, but to live off it is precarious in the best of times. The current health crisis has kept musicians at home, unable to reach a live audience, and also created an uncertain and anxious future for the profession. I hope to be able to give my own art and craft to help those in need right now. This program features the piano music of Ludwig van Beethoven, a symbol of perseverance and determination against all odds to create beautiful and lasting music. -NC

The following program will be performed and streamed live on May 17 at 4PM EST by Nathan Carterette.
Streaming link coming soon.

Poets of the Piano: Beethoven
Sonata no.13 in E-flat, ‘Quasi una fantasia,’ op.27 no.1
Sonata no.14 in c# minor ‘Moonlight,’ op.27 no.2
‘Eroica’ Variations, op.35


The Poets of Piano: Beethoven performance will benefit Musicians Foundation’s CV19 Emergency Relief Aid Grant Program. The CV19 Program was established in early March 2020 to assist professionals who lost work due to Coronavirus-related cancellations, closures, and postponements. Musicians can easily apply online for modest, one-time grants up to $200 that help put food on the table, pay a car or utility bill, or or cover other essentials. Founded in 1914, Musicians Foundation is dedicated to supporting performers, educators, and composer in times of need, crisis and transition. Musicians Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

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