Lives Changed

Stories Of Support and Affirmation

The Musicians Foundation protects the privacy and anonymity of the artists we serve.

The following stories have been volunteered by musicians we have helped, and we are grateful to them for their willingness to share their lives. Their stories tell of passionate careers and creative triumphs interrupted by illnesses, accidents, family tragedies, and all too often, genuine poverty. All are devoted artists who create and perpetuate our country’s rich musical culture — a treasure we cannot take for granted.

Brooks Kerr

Keeping Ellington’s Legacy Alive

Bruce Langhorne

“Mr. Tambourine Man”

Andrey Nemzer

Celebrated Countertenor

Jimmy Scott

Legendary Voice

Brett Umlauf

Cutting-edge Soprano

Pablo Casals in support of the Musicians Foundation

World renown cellist Pablo Casals dedicated a record for the benefit of the Musicians Foundation, Inc. courtesy of Columbia Records and its artists. Here is a recording of Pablo Casals speaking from the album and expressing his commitment to the Musicians Foundation:


“I am grateful for all the years of good health and musical happiness that I enjoyed and am still enjoying. I would like to share this good fortune that God has given me with all my colleagues in paying tribute to a wonderful organization, the Musicians Foundation. This record made with my friends Alexander Schneider and Isaac Stern and all the other musicians who participated in our music making, brings back wonderful memories of the first Festivals in Prades, the beginning of a new and meaningful era for me. I hope that it will bring the same musical happiness to many people who through their generous contribution will help to further the good work of the Musicians Foundation.”

Pablo Casals
October 24, 1971


Below you will find additional testimonial from other musicians whose lives have been changed through the help of our organization:

Freedy W.Vocalist
Michael Bocian, Guitarist
Morris Cummings, Musician
John MenegonBassist
Anthony Janflone, Guitarist, Musician, & Educator
Kate Light, Violinist, Librettist, Lyricist, & Poet
Ed Stoute, Jazz Pianist and Composer
Denise LaSalle, Blues & R&B Singer
Scott BennettPianist, Vocalist, & Educator
Nomi Epstein, Composer, Performer, Curator, & Educator